What is the mission of Alberta Investors Protection?

1. Albertans require investment regulation and protective rules which do not act against the public. The Alberta Securities Commission has acted contrary to the public interest and has allowed investment sellers to repeatedly breach securities laws that exist to protect Albertans. Victims of systemic regulatory misconduct deserve their money back through Alberta Finance and Enterprise, the legislated department responsible for the conduct of the Securities Commission, if recompense is not found in the investments themselves.

2. The public requires an investor protection agent which solely protects the interests of the public. The Alberta Securities Commission does not. Albertans deserve public protection not designed to allow mandate dilution, or corruption through financial (or other considerations) connections to the industry, political appointments, or cronyism.

3. Albertans expect the Criminal Code of Canada to be the guiding principles by which regulators, prosecutors and police protect investment and financial markets. "Self Regulation" and self-policing of investment fraud and misconduct is not serving the public. It is allowing corruption and self serving behaviors to grow.

4. Albertans deserve a full public inquiry, under the Provincial Inquiries Act, into systemic failures, connections, corruption and actions known to be contrary to the public interest, and the resulting damage to Albertan's from negligence, gross negligence, malfeasance, or conscious wrongdoing at the Securities Commission.

General Disclaimer

The Alberta Investors Protection (AIP) group has been formed to gather and disseminate information and to affect the necessary changes to the existing legal, political and economic system to protect investors from the scams that have resulted in over $2,200,000,000 in the past few years. This website is purposefully open with minimal restrictions as investors have been threatened with lawsuits for simply pursuing their rights. As such this website presents an open forum to seek out as much information as possible for the purpose of seeking out the truth.

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