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Scam alert ===

I have not received the monthly interest from Weslease for May 2017 while other uni-holders have. I have not received response on timeline of payment for the overdue interest and reasons behind since. The Trustee of Weslease has lost all credibility for ignoring my inquiry on this matter and deliberate violation of uni-holders' rights.

 As a unit-holder, I have equal rights, which means my capital invested along with time value of my capital (monthly interest) has equal claim against the assets of the fund. 

 1. The Trustee has NO right to pay monthly interest to only some (as opposed to all) uni-holders to keep himself afloat. He is doing all these self-serving stunts and must be stopped. 

2. The Trustee has No right to quote OM out of context so that he could use non-cash "default note" on redemption. The Trustee shall honor his own OM to pay 10% ($6.5Million) of the fund in cash redemption to the "June 30 2017 investors", which he deliberately omit this 10% obligation in his two communication with the aid of his lawyer.

3. Words in OM must be interpreted in context and in the spirit of fairness. The reasonable expectations of the Parties of Contract is thatbefore I get back all my capital and accrued interest in cash, my claim (capital and monthly interest 12% up to the day of actual cash redemption) against the assets of the fund on per unit basis shall be equal to other uni-holders that are not qualified for redemption. Any coercive, hidden traps and ambiguities contained in the OM must be interpreted against the drafter. 

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