Great Advice fyi

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what advice?

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Ya advice?

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Where's the advice?

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greed and no one is inocent

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hey bro ....

when I "look in the mirror" (as suggested) I see a government and agencies that have enabled pathetic governance and dismal protections to 26000 alberta investors who are the fraud victims....

the smart ones leave thier post and the government agencies and poiticians shuffle heads...... thats what.... I see no accountability .... so blame the investor and vote in your favorite government

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you are right, we are all stupid. the smart ones are lawyers, accountants, scammers and fraudsters ......

it's greed and no one is inocent

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What are you talking about? Common sense, which is all this advice is, has been around since mankind has been around. Unfortunatley so has stupidity....

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Undecided  Practical Investing Suggestions I have Collected …….. JB/ 2011

Trust No one

Do not invest in products you don’t understand

Do not follow the crowd

You are responsible for your own “Due- Diligence”, education and research

Seek reputable advice

Everyone is an expert

Do not make the same mistakes expecting different results hoping to recapture past losses

Question the promoter and motives

Can you afford the time and money?

Are you an “Accredited- Investor” to participate?

Am I experienced enough to participate?

Do you understand the risk potential?

What is your risk tolerance and your age?

Seek your own legal and financial advice

Ask the hard questions

If it sounds too good …….

Buyer beware and proceed with caution  ....sorry

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