Danielle Smith show Monday Aug 13,2018

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Danielle Smith QR770 show Friday Aug 24th from 49 minute mark

Danielle interviews Doug Bedard, pres of Private Capital Markets Assn of Canada


He defends the structure and the solid regulatory supervision of Exempt Market Products.   If you disagree you should inform Danielle Smith of alternate realities....


Larry Elford

@RecoveredBroker on Twitter

Investment System Fraud Group on Facebook

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QR770 Danielle Smith will be talking about exempt market investments on Monday morn around 11 am

Larry Elford of the Facebook group INVESTMENT SYSTEM FRAUD is talkiing with her

also found @RecoveredBroker on Twitter for those who wish to follow along, and post stories, and/or create social media awareness of investment scams

there is an election in Alberta in 7-10 months, so now may be the time to bring some pressure on Alberta Finance to amend lawless securities regulation...join in the conversation

Larry released the book "ABOUT YOUR FINANCIAL MURDER..." in 2018 and it touches upon exempt market products amoung other topics.  available online at http://www.lulu.com/shop/larry-elford/about-your-financial-murder/paperback/product-23702171.html

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