Bradley & Becker

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White Porsche.

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White baby grand piano.

Ceiling to floor back wall opening up to the pool area and Palm Springs mountain views.

How many hours of their lives did true working people have to toil, be away from children, contribute to society, so these opulent things could be so easily attained by some.

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Don't forget the antique Rolls Royce.They certainly flaunted the fruits of other people's labour.

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I'm trying my best to work up a tear here for these guys.

Nope, can't do it.

They lived the high life for a while didn't they, on other people's money.

Old guy will be an octogenarian by the time he gets out.

So much for the mansions and sports cars.

Was it worth it?

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The BBoy’s (latest) lawyer told them that their “morally innocent” defence would probably fail and that they would get even more jail time than the prosecution was asking for if they went to trial and were found guilty.

On September 13, 2019, Bradley pleads guilty to theft over $5,000 contrary to section 334(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada.  It’s a plea bargain: “Bradley wanted to save Mr. Becker from the possibility of incarceration.”

Sometime in 2020, Bradley decides that he wants to revoke/expunge his guilty plea and go to trial anyway.

On August 11, 2020, the Queen’s Bench Court throws out this latest BBoy attempt to avoid justice with the words: “The application to expunge is denied and his (Bradley’s) sentencing shall proceed accordingly.”

Don’t know if another appeal is going on, what the sentence was, and when it will take effect.

Anyone got any more news?

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Whatever became of the case, is it still hung up in the courts ? I Google periodically, but there is never any information. 

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Last I read they were going to sue the RCMP and the FBI because they are such beautiful and righteous human beings who were falsely accused.

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Hi there, yes it sure would be great to hear some news. Thanks

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Anyone want to hear the latest about these two?

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